The problem is, because of limitation of resource factor, not everyone can be a beneficiary. Moreover, it should not limitlessness as we know why socialism was failed. But it is not possible to escape from the system either. Let’s assume that there is a person who has two eyes and staying where people have one-eyed. Here are two preconditions as below:

1. No suicide allowed.

2. There is no other world.

What he can do to survive? There is only one solution to survive is removing his one eye. Why?

1. Having two eyes makes him looks an abnormal person to others.

2. Hiding one eye is not proper solution as others will soon get to know that he is not normal and would be reported to social organization where abnormal people are staying together.

Ethically, He can put one-eye to everyone’s face that become to him (actually normal), but he is not the Mother-Teresa and it is not easy at all, the message from this case(story) is, we should understand and try to accept what type of the world is. Let’s come back to the main issue. To survive in the era where we are living in, we need to know what kind of the world is. The world is called, Capitalism. Yes, Indeed. We are living in Capitalism (it doesn’t matter whether we agree or not) where all systems are built and designed for the company, of the company, and by the company.

To make a long story short, we need to become a company. Sound weird? The only way which we could do is be the company as what the world has been grown. This is the most efficiency way to change our awareness stage. It does not mean we have to do the business (merchant), but we should be able to understand how company perceives the world and does grow by doing business.

Think and act as company itself

A veteran actor does his best to mimic the character’s every single action even way of the thinking. Then, he could become the character itself perfectly. Identically, we need to think as a company, Because, Capitalism is nothing but the company itself. After all, we will get to know exactly what we have to do and be able to aware that there is no reason to ask to someone else what we should do. Because, companies in this world never ask to people what they have to do. They always do make plan and evaluate based on their own formula to make more Net-income that never be used for the people who their(company) money comes from. So, we do.

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